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Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my wedding do I need to order my dress?

We suggest a good time is somewhere between 12-18months before your wedding date as it takes up to 6 months for the dress to arrive once ordered. This gives you plenty of time to make the right decision & allows for alterations to be done once your dress arrives.

What happens when my dress arrives in store?

As soon as your dress arrives in the store we ask you to book your try-on appointment. This appointment is to ensure the dress has arrived perfectly from the designer. You will then be asked to take your dress home & bring it back for alterations closer to your wedding if you are having them done with us.

Do you do the alterations and how much does it cost?

We do have 2 in-house seamstresses. Our alteration package is £399, this includes every alteration to make your dress fit you perfectly including bust cups & a bustle to hook your train up in the evening if you require them.

If I want bespoke additions including sleeves, matching straps, glitter tulle added etc, is this at an extra charge?

Yes, bespoke alterations are chargeable on top of the alteration package & would be quoted depending on what you want. If you would like something made to match your dress we would suggest ordering extra fabric from the designer at the same time as you order your dress. This way we can be certain the fabric will match exactly. It can also take the same length of time for the fabric to arrive as it does for a dress to arrive.

How many seamstress fitting appointments are there?

Standard alterations are usually done within 3 appointments, however, this does depend on how much work needs to be done. Sometimes it can be done in 2 appointments but sometimes 4 or 5 especially if there is bespoke work to be done on top of the usual alterations.

Do you steam my dress before the collection?

Yes, all dresses are steamed before collection. Please do not confuse steaming with cleaning. Steaming is done to remove creasing from the gown.

Can you box up my dress for travel abroad?

We can box dresses for destination weddings. We can supply airline-approved hand luggage cases for your precious cargo so you do not have to let it out of your sight. The case costs £50.00. If you wish to supply your own case we can pack your dress at a cost of £30.00

After my wedding can you clean my dress?

Yes, we can clean your dress after your wedding. If you wish to use this service we recommend you bring your dress back as soon as possible after your wedding to give us the best chance of removing marks or dirt. There is a charge of £80.00.

After my wedding can you box my dress for storage?

Yes, we would clean your dress & then box it in one of our beautiful storage boxes with special tissue paper to keep your dress in the best condition. This costs £150.00- £180.00 depending on the style of your dress.

Do you sell off the peg?

Yes we do. If you do not have time to order a new dress (order times are approximately 6 months) we are happy to sell our samples.

Do you have an outlet department?

Yes. Our outlet department comprises of ex-sample dresses that have been discontinued. They are not second hand but would have been tried on in our store. As a result of this these dresses are reduced in price.

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