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Dress Care

How to care for your dress

We want all of our brides to be able to enjoy their wedding day from start to finish without having to worry about what might happen if their dress gets dirty.

We offer a dress cleaning service which can be standalone or include being packed into a beautiful storage box.

We recommend the dress be returned to us as soon as possible after the wedding to ensure the best chance of removing any dirt or marks that may have occurred during the course of your big day. You don’t have to do this yourself, since you may be away on honeymoon – ask someone to bring it in for you.

You’ll need to book an appointment to bring the dress in for this since we need to check the dress over for any damage &/or marks. This will take about 15 minutes and a staff member and whoever is bringing the dress in will look over the dress together and make note of any particular damage or marks found.

The form will then be signed by both parties & the fee paid. (The fee varies depending on what style of dress we are cleaning).

Dresses take approximately 4 weeks to be cleaned. As soon as this is done we will contact the bride to come & check the dress over to ensure she is happy with it.

Once this is done you can take her dress away in the dress bag it came in or we can box it while you wait or you can come back on another day to collect it.

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Repairing damage to your dress

All of our brides at Serenity Brides & Rock Your Curves will be aware that we have in house seamstresses. Most of them will have used our seamstresses for any alterations needed before their wedding day and it would be these very same ladies that would be able to repair most damage that may have happened whilst enjoying your wedding day.

As most of our brides will know there is not a lot that our amazing seamstresses cannot do, so please do not worry that your dress seems ruined – it more than likely is not.

Our seamstress are happy to simply replace a stray popper/button or repair a strap & equally happy to do more complex repairs like replacing layers of the skirt or covering damages with lace appliques (providing the fabric/lace can be matched).

Again we can include this service in with cleaning your dress and packing if you so wish.

The cost will depend on what needs to be done.

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Travelling with your wedding dress

Every bride’s dress is sent home with our bride in a specially designed breathable black dress bag.

However, if you have planned a destination wedding, we can supply a hand luggage approved size, soft, black case which you can take on board with you.

We will steam your dress & then pack it in this case using acid-free tissue paper in readiness for your collection from the store.

We can do this immediately after your final fitting – it takes about an hour  or you can come back closer to your travel date.

This service is also available to brides who are not going abroad but have a long way to travel to their chosen venue where space may be an issue in the vehicle they are travelling in.

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Preserving your dress after your wedding

The dress bag you collect your dress in is perfectly suitable to keep your dress in after your wedding, however, it is vital to make sure your dress is completely dry (especially all along the bottom & particularly if your wedding day was wet or you had photos taken on damp grass, etc) before you pack it away.

We advise that your dress be packed in acid-free tissue paper. This option may not be suitable if you have a lack of space as some wedding dresses, particularly ballgowns require quite a bit of storage space.

Your solution for this is to make use of our dress packing service where we pack your dress in acid-free tissue paper into a lovely storage box for safekeeping and long term storage.

We strongly recommend having the dress cleaned beforehand to ensure it is in the best possible condition, this will also avoid any marks that may be on the dress developing into mould.

Cleaning your dress is also a service we can provide, along with packing it for you.

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